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An Illness called L-O-V-E

An illness called L-O-V-E
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Welcome to the nihon_gfx Community! We're a new, little community, created to share graphics that are related to Japan, mostly Anime/Manga and J-Music graphics. This is a lightly moderated community. That means, that you have to join to write entries and we have to accept your membership first.

Like in any other community there are a few simple rules to follow:

- Please make a short intro post. Tell us a little bit 'bout you ^____^

- If you take any of the graphics, comment, that you're actually taking it and credit the designer, if you use it. (To make it short: Don't steal graphics!) You can put them up on your website, but if you do so, link back to the designers page/livejournal. You didn't make the graphic, so be fair and don't pretend that it's yours.

- Huge images should be placed under a lj cut. One little image is ok, but if it's a larger picture (a wallpaper or something like that) or more than one small pictures, please make a lj cut! (In an icon post two or three teaser images are ok, more goes under a lj cut!)

- No Hot/directlinking! If you take any of the graphics posted upload them to your own server/photobucketaccount/whatever. Don't steel others bandwidth.

- If you want to put any of these graphics on your site for other users, ask the designer for permission

- Be nice to other users.

- You can post pictures and ask other users to make a graphic out of it. But please, don´t get mad if your request will take several time to be fullfiled.

Easy to follow these rules, isn't it? Well, so please join and enjoy ^____^

If you wan't to link our community (in your userinfo, for example) to show that you're a member of nihon_gfx we made a banner.

nihon_gfx ; LJ-Community for japan-related graphics

Feel free to use it ^_____^

Some Informations:

Creators: totchimon ; ferricyanide
Mods: totchimon ; ferricyanide
Layout by: ferricyanide

Founded on March 12th 2005.

Layout History:

Version 03 - "An illness called L-O-V-E" feat. Ritsuka from Loveless - since 12.06.2005(by ferricyanide)
Version 02 - "Fallen from Grace" feat. Toshiya from Dir en grey - 23.03.2005 till 12.06.2006 (by totchimon)
Version 01 - "Out of the darkness and into the light" feat. Sasuke from Naruto - 12.03.2005 till 23.03.2005 (by ferricyanide)